The Curriculum

Woke was created as an edutainment tool to spark conversations about gender and sexuality in a comprehensive and safe way. The film has been broken up into four chapters and paired with our IWES-developed Creating A Future Together (CrAFT) curriculum. The curriculum is a comprehensive, trauma-informed, and gender-transformative sex education curriculum for middle and high schoolers rooted in a human rights framework. In New Orleans, where CrAFT was developed and piloted, the impact of individual- and community-level trauma on youth health decision-making is undeniable. Therefore CrAFT was created with modules particularly focused on social and emotional health that are based around Woke to augment the traditional sex education framework and meet students where they are. CrAFT emphasizes higher-order learning, multiple pedagogical approaches, and personalization of material to reach students with diverse learning styles and needs.

If you are interested in learning more about the CrAFT curriculum as well as options for purchase, please contact Rheneisha Robertson.